from the Artist...


Tell me I should paint landscapes and I’ll laugh and tell you to bugger off.  There’s a genre for every artist, and conceptual political art is mine.  I’m a news addict, a thinker, and I love satire.  At any time a number of paintings are sitting around unfinished, as another issue becomes all consuming in my head, demanding to be painted.


My sisters & daughter are my voices of reason should my works become too confrontational.  I admit it can be frustrating listening to them – “Nikki, you lack social filters and you’re OCD ... you will upset people”.  So ... generally, I say 'stuff it' and push on regardless.  

My paintings are my life. They're how I express myself. My take on the world and its quirks and inconsistencies. And when people want to buy them, it's a real dilemma. It's validating, but also sad, as my works represent a very real part of me.  The exchange - swapping them for money - feels unbalanced. An artist's concept of a moment in time - often months in thought and making.  I like to think of paintings as my heritage -  they will still be talked about and loved (or hated) long after I've gone. The conceit/deceit of the artist. Maybe?  Probably!....   lol.

Romney- GirlPuppet.jpg