SALIGIA Art Gallery & Studio combines the talents and passions of two Nelson artists.


Nikki Romney is an edgy, irreverent, highly talented painter who combines classical brushstrokes with contemporary themes.  She has won numerous awards in her 25 year art career.  Her works invariably have strong messages - at times reinforced with graphic imagery - and have often provoked controversy. Her paintings have been commented on favourably by Art Critics Hamish Keith and Warren Feeney.


Her partner in life and art, Alan Clarke, produces contemporary artworks, often utilising various metals on highly textured oil backgrounds. The two work together on assemblages - work they produce under the Punktique label.

We are located at 31 Trafalgar St, just a couple of minutes' walk from Nelson's CBD. Just turn your back on the cathedral at the top of the main street and walk north, over the Maitai river and we'll be waiting for you, Tuesday to Sunday (Mondays we do other stuff ... so we can be open for the rest of the week).