• Saligia Art Gallery

Hot new gallery in Nelson

The latest addition to the Nelson art scene features art that is sometimes bold, often contentious, always stunning and occasionally even a wee bit naughty.

Wall-bling we call it ... those boring, static, (b)landscapes that much more easily could have been captured by camera. That's not what Saligia Art Gallery is about. We like - well, live - to challenge established thinking through our art, and if a few sacred cows get trampled on the way, then sobeit. We've been open since just before Christmas on wonderful Nelson's main street (we're a couple of minutes' walk from the CBD - head towards the sea and away from the opposite way from the church at the top of the street). We love conversations about art, but if you're easily offended when oil on canvas has something provocative to say, then please visit any of the other galleries in Nelson.

The Three Bitches. Well, that's the sort of label that blokes tend to slap on women who don't mind expressing themselves, strongly.

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