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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE by Nelson artist Nikki Romney.

So tell us. What do Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, Kim Jong-il and a despairing Happy the Clown have in common? Oh, and throw into the mix a Pope, a rocket, some Shakespearean actors and a cool punk violinist, just for fun.

For starters, they all feature in a recent work by New Zealand artist Nikki Romney, the driving force behind Nelson's latest working studio cum art gallery.

Her connection? Well, simply, that we all have our roles to play, even if some of us might do it rather badly (really Mr Depp, be honest. You make a cute looking but rather dismal pirate ... bring back the Scissorhands or even Gilbert Grape, we say.)

And as for Trump, Kim and the head pontificator from the so-called Holy See ... can they truly, in their quietest, most introspective moments, really believe all that rubbish they profess to stand for?

As the Bard so aptly put it, All the world's a stage....

Anyway, as with all of Romney's work this one is meticulously crafted, with layer after layer of top quality oils. More lighthearted than some of her typically challenging works, but there are still messages in there for those prepared to look for them.

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